A380 The First Years ‘Global Route Testing’

A380 The First Years ‘Global Route Testing’
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- A380 testing from around the globe!
- Exclusive on the ramp footage!
- First Engine Alliance A380!
- VIP interior tour of MSN 004!

AirUtopia continues to follow the A380 around the world from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and to the Americas! Filmed by a team of correspondents globally positioned to capture every scenic moment of the A380’s second exciting year, this DVD includes stops in Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Bangkok and Beijing…just to name a few! The many global route testing and airport compatibility tests are documented along with the Super Jumbo’s first airshow appearances at ILA and Farnborough! See first hand why this remarkable aircraft continues to amaze millions of people around the world! 

AirUtopia continues its exclusive documentation of this mighty airliner and this production continues the A380 adventures after our previous BLOCKBUSTER ‘A380 THE FIRST YEAR’ Year. 

A must see for aviation fans and everyone following the incredible history of the Airbus Super Jumbo A380!